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Forrest Baird
(1978-present) professor of philosophy
Greetings! Well, after three years of searching, reviewing hundreds of applicants, and interviewing scores of candidates, we have finally found our third full-time, permanent philosopher: Joshue Orozco. Josh is completing his Ph.D. in epistemology at Rutgers and he and his wife, Mandi, and their son, Micah (and a yet-to-be-born child), will be joining us this fall. We are very excited about Josh and we think he is going to be a great addition to our department.

Speaking of additions, our department will actually be significantly smaller next year. We decided it was finally time for theology and philosophy to become two separate departments. It was an amiable separation – we really like the theology folks and for some reason they like us, too! But for us to move ahead with philosophy as a discipline, it was really necessary to become a separate entity. A little perspective: When I arrived at Whitworth in 1978, there were 2½ folks on the philosophy side and 3½ on the religion side (Howard Redmond taught both). With the hiring of Josh, we will now have 3 folks teaching philosophy...and there are 10-12 in theology (depending on how you count them). They certainly need the folks on their side of the aisle, but we could use a bit more help as well. Perhaps on our own we will be better able to make the case for additional staffing.

This past fall I got to teach Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Senior Seminar, and Core 250. Since January, I have been on sabbatical. I had hoped to do some writing on the philosophy of religion, but instead I have spent most of my time doing administrative stuff and working on my Philosophic Classics series yet again. (Seems I just finished the fifth edition and already I am prepping the sixth! Well, I guess it means the series is at least somewhat successful.) I did find time to take a trip to Turkey to see the places where philosophy began. You know, people usually think that "Western" philosophy started in Athens, but actually it began in the Greek colonies of Ionia (Western Turkey) and moved to Athens later.

Joy is still teaching first grade in the Spokane public school system. This past year was a bit difficult as her mother died and her father and sister have had health issues. As for our children, Soren is in the master's program at Azusa Pacific University, but is thinking of switching to Fuller Seminary next year. Seems he just can't get enough theology! Sydney still teaches drama and history at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle - her students' big musical debuts next month. Whitney still works as a librarian in Colville and...drum roll please...she and Elliott will be having their first child - our first grandchild - this June!

So for those of you who graduated in religion/theology, this will be my last entry in the departmental newsletter to you. May God continue to bless you!

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