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Karin Heller
(2003-present), Professor of Theology

Life was good throughout the 2011-12 academic year! In the fall I was happy to teach a new class, A Biblical Introduction to God, for Continuing Studies. I enjoy serving students who go back to school after years of professional life. They are very courageous and work so hard to find a right balance between family, job and school. For many of them it's a great challenge and adventure to dive into the Bible and to encounter the biblical God, sometimes for the first time! This year, students came up with excellent personal questions in which they relate their lives to what they had studied in class. In the fall I also taught Christian Spirituality for our M.A. students. A truly wonderful cohort – their journal entries and class presentations were of great quality.

In spring it was my pleasure to sponsor two students who participated in the Spokane Intercollegiate Research Conference, held this year at Gonzaga University. Catherine Cook, my T.A. for the class, Man and Woman in the Image of God, had worked on Dorothy Sayers' question "Are Women Human?" She gave a remarkable presentation on this topic from her own perspective. Kayla Sisk, the second student, raised many questions from the audience with her presentation, "Mary, Mother of God, in an Ecumenical Perspective." Whenever there is a talk on Mary, Protestants get so interested and passionate…I always wonder why…?

I was also glad to get on board with the university's George Whitworth Honors Program. Yes, the theology department has a course in this new program. My contribution will be a BibLit class, Encountering the Covenantal God. I look forward to this new adventure and will let you know next year how it went.

Last but not least, this year I started a blog, "Karin Heller's Table Talk," at Thanks to the many insightful "Little Einstein" questions sent by my students, this site draws a larger community into a good conversation. You're very welcome to join in the talk!

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