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Moses Pulei (2007-present), Assistant Professor of Theology

This year was one in which many of my theological convictions and paradigms were both challenged and confirmed. I am absolutely sure we can do nothing without God's grace and I do not understand why God gives us unconditional love. Being part of World Vision in East Africa, one gets to see many aspects of human depravity. It is hard to understand why, in a country like Somalia, a young man is driven to hurt fellow human beings in the name of God. On the other hand, we constantly see people, driven by God's love and care of those who want to hurt them, continue to serve. Aid workers are kidnapped and they do not give up; they keep serving. A Somali woman asked a colleague why he still comes to help even in the midst of danger and he said to her "God has called me to love and serve despite the dangers." God's grace is unquestioned, even in our fallen world.

On the family front Brittany, Charis and Tobiko have now fully adjusted to life in Africa. Charis is going into year six in the fall at the international school. Tobiko, now four years old, is in preschool at the same school. And Brittany has been teaching at Acacia school, an International school serving volunteers and missionary kids. A new change for us is preparations to move to Nairobi. The regional vice president has asked that I take a role working with universities. While World Vision is not known for research and publication, in East Africa we are trying to work on publication and research in communities where we serve. For example, we have been working on the effects of Christian faith in development. This will open a door for me to reconnect with the Whitworth community in trying to serve Africa. I say "Africa" because this is a Pan Africa role. Keep us in your prayers and may the God of grace bless you all.

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