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Howard Redmond (1957-90), Professor Emeritus of Theology

It seems to me that each person specializes in what is most relevant to him or her at the time. When I taught at Whitworth it was philosophy/theology, which I enjoyed very much. After I retired my major interest became classical music, in which I had dabbled during my teaching years, but did not strongly emphasize. After my retirement, however my heroes were no longer Plato and Kant, but rather Beethoven and Mozart (in that order!). This doesn't mean that I neglected "popular music"; I am somewhat of a Gershwin specialist, for example. Also, Broadway shows, including "South Pacific," "Music Man" and "West Side Story," are in my repertoire. I find that music supplements theology in a total summary of "the way things are." Perhaps Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms can teach us things not found in Plato and Kant – great as they are!

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