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Dale Bruner
, (1975-1997), Professor Emeritus of Theology

Dear Colleagues:
Hello! I miss the chance of seeing you annually around Super Bowl time – you always warm Kathy's and my hearts! People speak to us constantly of the ministry you all are providing to students. Last week, at Young Life's Western Regional Meeting in Los Angeles, we had several who told us of their children or of their "kids" who have had their lives deeply impacted by your teaching and your faith there in the theology department. Thank you for your faithfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Two especially happy events for us this year were: 1) We celebrated the birth of William Bruner to Michael and Jenna Bruner, our Pasadena family! (Michael, by the way, was awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award at the commencement service at Azusa Pacific University – the second time he has won the award in the last decade! If you're looking for another really exciting teacher in your department, I can recommend him!)  2) My commentary, "The Gospel of John," finally came out from Eerdmans on Ash Wednesday (is there any significance in that birthdate?!). I'm so grateful to have this labor of love see daylight! As my newest challenge, I've plunged into the NT's great Fifth Gospel – Paul's Epistle to the Romans. (Roger Mohrlang and Jim Edwards have already given us powerful commentaries on this great book!) This spring in my Sunday school class at First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood, I "hit the wall" when I came to Romans 9-11, and they gave me permission, when the class ended with the school year, to study those three chapters all summer long so that when I re-commence the class in September I can have something intelligent, faithful and gripping to say.

I should add a third deep pleasure for Kathy and me this year: Getting to have our little six-year old granddaughter, Arabelle Rose Bruner, overnight each Tuesday/Wednesday. She comes up to my third-floor cubicle at Fuller on Tuesday afternoon and knocks on my glass door and it is "the eschatological moment" of joy for me! Then we go to the park together, and it's a half-an-hour of paradise. (When your grandkids live in the same town with you, it's "The Second Blessing"!) Last Tuesday night, lying between Kathy and me on our bed before prayer, Arabelle asked me to tell her a scary story. Which I did – it only took about 60 seconds. When I finished, she leaned over to me and said, "Lame!" Grandkids are great for giving you perspective on life, too.
Kathy and I send you all our deep love and our deep gratitude for your faithfulness.

Dale with Kathy Bruner

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