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Keith Beebe
(2003-present), Associate Professor of Theology

Greetings in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord.

I hope you are well and thriving this spring. I just built and planted my own raised-bed vegetable garden, so springtime and thriving are much on my mind these past few weeks, and I look forward with hope that it might be a fruitful summer --personally, scholarly, and agriculturally! Here is a brief update on my recent, present and upcoming activities:

Teaching: In fall 2012 I taught Core 150, Jesus and the Kingdom of God, First-Year Seminar, and a preparation class for my Jan Term study program. In January, I took 14 students on a three-week Christianity in Britain course, traveling throughout England and Scotland. The last evening in country we celebrated Robbie Burns Night with the Scots, with the students getting to taste Scotland's national dish (haggis, tatties and neeps) for the very first time! (For some of them it was their last, but several students loved it.) This spring I taught Core 150, History of Christianity II: Christian Renewal Movements, and another round of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Next year I will return to the Whitworth Continuing Studies classroom --after a hiatus of several years --to teach a Biblical Studies course. I love teaching that population of students, and find it a field rich with potential harvest.

Scholarship: This past April I delivered a paper for the "Revival and Religious Change" panel of the American Society of Church History meeting in Portland. The paper was titled "Setting the Record Straight: Evangelical Redactions of Religious Experience in Scotland's First Oral History Project."At the moment I am completing my review of the pre-final galley proofs of my two-volume critical edition of The McCulloch Examinations of the Cambuslang Revival (1742): Conversion Narratives from the Scottish Evangelical Awakening,which will soon be sent to press and released by the Scottish History Society (Boydell & Brewer Publishers) in July. After working on this project for nearly a decade, it will be good to actually see it in print; after tilling that same ground for so many years, I, like the land, need a Sabbath rest. Once I've submitted my final corrections, I will resume work on my narrative book on the Cambuslang Revival that I started two summers ago, as well as a paper and article related to two of the chapters.

Summer presentations: In June I have a couple of church-related speaking engagements. On Father's Day weekend I will present a Calvin College/Lilly Endowment-sponsored workshop on preaching for pastors and elders in Northern California (in Weed, to be exact; agricultural wordplay not intended.). This will be followed by a weeklong church-history seminar for 16 high-school graduates in Camp Spalding's COMPASS discipleship program. I love these opportunities to help nurture the growth and development of our present and future church leaders.

Well, enough about about you? I love hearing from friends and former students, so feel free to send a note and let me know what you are up to and how you are doing!

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