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Karin Heller
(2003-present), Professor of Theology

A warm welcome to all my readers!

This year was quite special as I completed my 10th year at Whitworth. In September it was delightful to go with Adam Neder and Tammy Reid on the Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour, in its fourth year now. However, the highlight of the month was when I received my Certificate of U.S. Citizenship. For the first time, right before Christmas, I was able to travel with my French and U.S. passports. I can tell you it's great to have dual citizenship, to benefit from all good things on both sides of the Atlantic and to commute between two worlds two times per year. Who would not want to call the two most beautiful countries of this world his or hers?

This year my classes were particularly full. I never had to turn down so many requests to get into these classes. For the first time in Whitworth's history an honors in theology class was offered, and I'm pleased to say I taught this TH 131 H Encountering the Covenantal God class. Yes, it's a wonderful experience to make a little step in the history of an institution and to serve a class of highly motivated students striving for excellence. And believe it or not, there was a student from Saudi Arabia attending this course. He was a wonderful addition, bringing to the classroom his particular experience and worldview! For the first time most students were exposed to a biblical theology of covenant and discovered why faith in Holy Trinity is essential to Christianity. Given this positive teaching experience, I've already got another honors class in store: it is a third- level class entitled Catholicism for Protestants. This project will be a special expression of Whitworth's ecumenical dimension. I gratefully dedicate this class to the Whitworth Trustees who, this year, agreed on the recognition of Whitworth's "ecumenical" character in addition to her reformed and evangelical traditions.

During the upcoming summer months I should complete the second part of a book in French entitled Women and Men in the Church: A Worldview in Evolution. It will be associated with four presentations I gave on this topic last year that is available on two CDs. My hope now is for the rapid development of a strong Women and Genders Studies Program here at Whitworth and for a significant contribution by the theology department to this program.

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