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Dale Bruner
, (1975-1997), Professor Emeritus of Theology

Dear Friends in & of the Beloved Theology Department at Whitworth:

Thank you for asking an annual report from us --it is so much fun to be in touch with this dear Spokane family! The Bruners' life since the John commentary can be summed up in two words: (1) Paul & (2) Grandchildren. (1) I have plunged into research on Paul during the week in my little cubicle at the Hubbard Library at Fuller Seminary, and then teaching the passage for that week in "The Good News Class" on Sunday mornings at our beloved First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. Incidentally, I met both Christ & Kathy --my two best discoveries in life! --at this church & therefore feel so deeply grateful for & indebted to this priceless Body of Christ. (Our new pastor here is the absolute state of the art: Dan Baumgartner, formerly of Bethany Presbyterian Church, Seattle. He is deeply Christocentric, biblically faithful, and a real human being; his preaching every Sunday, honestly, is a Little Pentecost! And the Church is thriving!) I'm going through Paul's Letters chronologically, beginning with First Thessalonians and we're now in Galatians. (I read Roger Mohrlang's just published & jewel-like Paul this very week & love Rog's warm-hearted evangelical balance, theologically, and his evangelical passion, spiritually!)

(2) Grandchildren. Michael & Jenna live here in Pasadena near us & they both work full time during the week. Michael right now combines teaching Christian faith & life at Azusa Pacific University (he just gave the Baccalaureate address, at the request of the graduating seniors) with preparation for his nearly completed doctoral work at Fuller Seminary (oral exams in a month; dissertation on "The Theology of Flannery O'Connor" due at the end of the year). Jenna teaches at San Gabrielena High School. This means that my precious Kathy has our 16-month-old grandson, Willie, all day, Mondays through Thursdays; she also picks up first-grader, Belle, at Carver Elementary School four afternoons a week and brings her and Will home later in the afternoon, then picks me up at the seminary. Busy schedule! I'm Kathy's "third baby," whom she dresses, feeds & administers seven days a week! How grateful I am for her! (My main rival for her affection is Karl Barth, whose writing she devours!)

Fraternally to you all,

Dale with Kathy

P.S. Our older son, Fred, and his dear wife, Signe Schilperoort --who both met at & graduated from Whitworth! --are planning to retire from Fred's final U.S. State Department appointment as First Secretary in our embassy in Taipei, Taiwan. Fred received his Senior Executive Service Promotion last month in a big ceremony in Washington, D.C., which Kathy and I felt so honored to be invited to attend. We are very proud of their life of international service!

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