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Roger Mohrlang
(1978-present), Professor of Theology

Warm Christian greetings to each of you on this beautiful spring day in Spokane! After five years of work, this was the year of "the book": Paul and His Life-Transforming Theology: A Concise Introduction, which came off the press in February (see This is the one book that I feel I needed to write, and I'm pleased with how it came out --and pleased with the prospect of its use both in college classrooms and in churches. My prayer is that God would greatly use it to encourage, inspire and strengthen his people in their faith. I'll always be indebted to my colleagues Jim Edwards and Jerry Sittser for their patient encouragement to get down to writing it.

This was also the first of four years on a slightly reduced teaching load as I anticipate retirement (I'm absolutely delighted with the choice of Will Kynes to be my replacement), and it was good to have more time this year for my Bible translation work. Virtually all of my extra time now goes to checking the translation of the Kamwe Old Testament verse by verse, a project that may well consume the better part of the next 10 years; the goal is to see the whole Kamwe Bible in print. The work progresses slowly, but I'm learning to be patient; there are endless problems to be resolved along the way. In January I shall be in explosive Nigeria, working with the dedicated translators.

It's always a delight to see so many eager, responsive students of scripture in my classes, and I continue to thoroughly enjoy my time with them. I'm currently teaching New Testament (twice yearly), Paul's Letters, and Christian Missions. It's been good this year to see the growing student commitment to praying for the worldwide mission of Jesus.

My wonderful wife, Dottie, continues to mentor women students and to work with the Certification in Ministry Program. Our two great children are now in Seattle: Mark, along with his wife, Summer, serves on the pastoral staff of a new church in Greenwood (he is also the organizer of the new Roger Mohrlang blog page, if you can believe that!), and Becky has just finished a term teaching illustration for Trinity Western University, in Canada. e could not be more pleased to see their active commitment to serving Christ. By the time you get this newsletter, our second grandchild should have been born, by God's grace; God help me to be a good granddad!

I would be very grateful for your prayers --for the Kamwe Bible translation team and the complex work of checking the translation, for growing problems with my eyes (so necessary for translation work), and for all my work as a teacher.

Do keep in touch; we always enjoy hearing from our graduates. May your life be deeply immersed in Scripture --and may we all serve Christ and the gospel joyfully and well!

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