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Selected Whitworth Faculty Scholarship: 2001

Gordon Jackson A Compact Guide to Discovering God's Will (NavPress)
Whitworth Press Release

Laurie Lamon Three poems published in Arts & Letters Journal of Contemporary Culture
Whitworth Press Release

Arlin Migliazzo Lands of True and Certain Bounty: The Geographical Theories of Colonization Strategies of Jean Pierre Purry (Associated University Presses for the Susquehanna University Press)
Whitworth Department Spotlight

Corliss Slack Crusade Charters (from the series Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Arizona State University)
Whitworth Department Spotlight

Kyle Usrey International Business Law - An Introduction: Chinese/American Perspective (Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press)

Betty Williams Co-authored Very Young Children with Special Needs: A Formative Approach for the 21 st Century (Prentice-Hall)