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Lawrence Burnley

Lawrence Burnley

Assistant Vp, Diversity/Intercultural Relations
Assistant Professor of History

300 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251
Phone: (509) 777-4215
Fax: (509) 777-4763
Office Location: McEachran Hall 220

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Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
M.Div., Christian Theological Seminary
B.A., University of Cincinnati

Year Joined Whitworth Faculty:  2010

Areas of Specialization / Expertise:

History of American education: African American education during the antebellum, reconstruction and progressive eras; multicultural issues in education; African and African American church history, church administration, and pastoral care

Selected Publications / Presentations / Honors:

Publications: contributing author, The Stone-Campbell Movement: A Global History (2013, Chalice Press); wrote "The Souls of W. E. B. Du Bois: New Essays and Reflections," in the Journal of African American History, vol. 96, no. 1, (Winter 2011); author of The Cost of Unity: African American Agency and Education in the Christian Church, 1865-1914 (2009, Mercer University Press); wrote "Authentic Forgiveness: The Key to Reconciliation" in The Bridge, Vol. 99, No. 2 (Fall 2007); wrote "Internalized Racism" in Global Education and Advocacy Resources (June 1998); wrote "What Are You Expecting for Christmas," in Out of Mighty Waters: Sermons by African-American Disciples (1994, Chalice Press); wrote "Reclaiming 'Our' Church" in Real News, Vol. 4, No. 1 (1993); wrote "The Changing Career Tracks of Elite Disciples Professionals: Working Group Response" in A Case Study of Mainstream Protestantism (1991, Chalice Press).

Presentations, Lectures, Keynotes, and Workshop topics: “Making Excellence Inclusive: A Professional Development Experience for the Community Colleges of Spokane,” (2013); “Deconstructing University Core Curriculum: An Invitation for Students to Reconsider, Redefine and Demand Excellence in Higher Education,” (2013); “An Assessment for Student Learning in an Inclusive University Classroom,” (2012); “Modeling Courageous Conversation at the Senior Level of Leadership: A Strategic Learning Process of Transformation and Reconciliation at the Crossroads,” (2012); “Deconstructing Kwanza: From Construction, to Deconstruction, to Reconstruction of the African Mind and Worldview.” (2012); “Recruitment and Retention of Faculty from Underrepresented Populations: Understanding and Implementing Best and Promising Practices,” (2012); "The Necessity to Remember and Forgive in the Process of Racial Reconciliation," (2011); "The Global Classroom Curriculum: Missing Voices, Missing Stories, and the Impact on 'Educated' Minds and Hearts,” (2010); "Learning to Love One's Self: The Relevance of the Study of Black History to the Gospel of Jesus the Christ," (2010); presenter/panelist, "Democracy for Whom?: Lincoln, Ontology, and a Distorted Vision of Democracy," (2009); "African American Agency and Education," (2009): keynote speech, "African-Centered Education: Towards the Deconstruction of a Pedagogy of Domination and the Construction of a Pedagogy of Liberation," (2007); "Black Presence in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 1832-1917," (2006).

Received Witness for Justice Award from the National Office of the United Church of Christ (2005); received the Outstanding Community Service Award from the African American Association (1993).