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Course Sequence: Athletic Training Major Progression

Criteria for degree progression and completion are printed in the university catalog.

Normal progression and sequencing is recommended by the academic advisor.


Fall Term Jan Term Spring Term
CH 101: Intro. to Chemistry (recommended) PS 121: Concepts of Physics (recommended, if offered) AT 271: Intro. to Athletic Training
AT 270: Emergency Response AT 270: Emergency Response AT 270: Emergency Response



Fall Term Jan Term Spring Term
HS 220: Human Anatomy and Physiology I AT 396 : Topics in Athletic Training (recommended) HS 221: Human Anatomy and Physiology II
PY 101: Intro. to Psychology (recommended)   AT 332: Pathophysiology and Modalities
HS 362: Personal Health   HS 361: Community Health (recommended)
AT 283: Clinical Experience I*   AT 284: Clinical Experience II
    AT 336: Medical Issues in Athletic Training



Fall Term Jan Term Spring Term
HS 326: Exercise Physiology   HS 320: Anatomical and Mechanical Kinesiology
AT 331: Advanced Athletic Training   AT 333: Organization and Administration of Athletic Training
AT 334: Lower Extremities in Athletic Training   AT 335: Upper Extremities in Athletic Training
AT 383: Clinical Experience III*   AT 384: Clinical Experience IV*



Fall Term Jan Term Spring Term
AT 432: Therapeutic Exercise AT 396: Topics in Athletic Training (recommended) KIN 430: Sport in Society (recommended)
HS 433: Principles of Conditioning and Nutrition   KIN 465: Motor Learning (recommended)
KIN 400: Tests and Measures (recommended)   AT 484: Clinical Experience VI*
AT 483: Clinical Experience V*    


*The beginning of the clinical experience is determined upon formal admission into the program. Typically, students will enter the clinical experience during fall term of the sophomore year.