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Educational Outcomes and Objectives

Graduates of the Whitworth University Athletic Training Program will do the following:

Outcome No. 1: Whitworth University athletic training students will incorporate spiritual, ethical, moral and legal behavior into the practice of athletic training.

    1. Objective 1.1: Whitworth University athletic training students will appreciate the value and nature of putting personal faith and worldview into vocational practice.
    2. Objective 1.2: Students will abide by the Standards of Practice established by the Board of Certification as well as by the NATA Code of Ethics.

Outcome No. 2:  Whitworth University athletic training students will understand the role of an athletic trainer as a healthcare provider within the larger context of the continually evolving healthcare system

    1. Objective 2.1: Students will work in collaboration with other healthcare providers.
    2. Objective 2.2: Students will communicate effectively, both in oral and written form, with all those involved in the care of a patient.

Outcome No. 3: Whitworth University athletic training students will demonstrate entry-level proficiency through classroom, laboratory and clinical learning experiences in the five domains of athletic training.

    1. Objective 3.1: Students will achieve 100 percent ultimate pass rate on the BOC exam for those who continue to attempt it.
    2. Objective 3.2: Students will be well prepared to meet the challenges of entry-level employment positions.
    3. Objective 3.3: Students will demonstrate contemporary knowledge and skill in the comprehensive examination, assessment, management, treatment and/or rehabilitation of patients with injuries and illnesses as they pertain to an active lifestyle.
    4. Objective 3.4: Students will learn clinical skills under the supervision of high-quality preceptors at quality clinical sites.
    5. Objective 3.5: Students will recognize high-quality evidence from a variety of sources and will incorporate into evidence into practice.

Outcome No. 4: Whitworth University athletic training students and alumni will demonstrate professional behavior consistent with healthcare providers/athletic training professionals.

    1. Objective 4.1: Students and alumni will invest in and promote the profession of athletic training or their other chosen vocation.
    2. Objective 4.2:  Whitworth University athletic training students and alumni will support their professional community by assuming a role in service and/or leadership in an area that influences the practice of athletic training or other chosen vocation.
    3. Objective 4.3: Students will establish habits that will result in lifelong learning and professional development.