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Graduate Profiles

  • Amy (Schlilaty) Winter, '08, attending University of Whshington
  • Matt Krieger, '07, attending University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Todd Berggren, '03, entered the University of Southern California Dental School.
  • Nolan Brotherton, '03, enrolled at Creighton University Dental School.
  • Marc Henning, '02, enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh Dental School.
  • K.C. McVey, '02, entered Creighton University Dental School.
  • Mike Minor, '01, enrolled at Oregon Health Sciences University Dental School.
  • Katie Cossalman, '98, is a dentist in Oklahoma.
  • Amy Roberts, '95, is a dentist with the U.S. Air Force.
  • Larson Floor, '89, is a dentist in Hillsboro, Ore.