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2013-14 Writing Consultants

Karina Basso, '14
Major/Year: English literature major, WGS minor; Class of 2014
Expertise: Resumes, grant/scholarship applications, brainstorming, ELL
Other Powers: Graphic design, InDesign, fluent in Klingon

Heidi Biermann, '15
Major/Year: Political science major, theology minor, pre-law track
Expertise: Chicago style, political science and theology papers, Core 150, brainstorming, understanding a prompt, organization, conclusions, and grammar
Other Powers: Optimism; theological humor

Cam Call, '16
Major: Biochemistry with philosophy minor
Expertise: Design/visual rhetoric, organization, thesis statements
Other Powers: Adobe InDesign, levitation

Hannah Cobb, '16
Major/Year: English (literature track), theology
Expertise: Writing 1, creative writing, literary analysis, theology papers
Other powers: Knitting, puns, sarcasm

Hannah Cruze, '15

Major/Year: English literature major, Asian studies minor
Expertise: Brainstorming and pre-writing, organization, thesis help, visual presentations, movie reviews
Other Powers: Magician of Microwave Meals!

Katie Cunningham, '16

Major/Year: English
Expertise: Analysis, argument support, grammar, and creative writing
Other Powers: Harry Potter trivia

Sam Director, '15
Major/Year: Philosophy major, Spanish minor
Expertise: Organization, constructing arguments, grammar
Other Powers: The ability to put arguments into formal logic, anything philosophy related, and fluency in Spanish

Brooke Fowler, '14
Training and Outreach Coordinator
Major/Year: Biology major, English minor
Expertise: Science writing, PowerPoint, résumés and cover letters
Other Powers: Rhetorical analysis

Meredith Friesen, '14
Major/Year: English literature
Expertise: Résumés, PowerPoint, understanding a prompt, literary analysis, grammar, structure/organization, quote integration
Other Powers: Theses and conclusions, being tall

Izze Ginley, '16

Major/Year: English (literature and writing), art minor
Expertise: MLA format, grammar, overall paper organization, prewriting processes
Other powers: Brainstorming arguments, forming theses, and outlining; working with résumés, cover letters, and poetry; analyzing visual pieces including visual rhetoric assignments, advertisements, and an effective PowerPoint presentation

Chris Grochowsk, '14
Major/Year: Math and physics double major
Expertise: Synthesis, focusing arguments, science/math writings
Other Powers: Due diligence

Denise Han, '14
Major/Year: Health science (pre-pharmacy)
Expertise: Scientific research, APA citation, abstracts, PowerPoint, and rhetorical analysis
Other Powers: Creative thinking!
Addy Koneval, '16
Major/Year: Communication studies
Expertise: Grammar, structure, résumés, theses
Other Powers: Extensive knowledge of Disney movies

Mikayla Ludiker, '14
Major/Year: English literature, additional education coursework
Expertise: Literary analysis, addressing audience, spicing up sentence structure, replying to ed. program prompts and lesson plans
Other powers: Slapping the bass, writing adorable love letters, amateur sleuthing

Ana Quiring, '14
Technical Manager
Major/Year: English writing and literature
Expertise: Literary analysis, rhetorical analysis, grammar, sentence structure, understanding assignments
Other Powers: Creative writing/fun projects, résumés, relating anything to a TV show

Mary Schmick, '14

Major/Year: English (writing track) and peace studies double-major, general business minor
Expertise: Familiar with Chicago citation, good at helping with political science essays
Other Powers: Brainstorming
Sami Starkey, '16
Major/Year: English writing and literature
Expertise: Grammar, organization, focusing the topic, literary analysis
OtherPowers:  Familiarity with creative writing and poetry editing

Audrey Strohm, '16
Major/Year: English literature major with minor in philosophy
Expertise: Conceptual and/or theory-based assignments, Core 250, construction of arguments, rhetorical analysis, résumé building
Other Powers: Enthusiasm!

Caroline Swinford, '14

Major/Year: English Literature major, WGS and French minor
Expertise: PowerPoint presentations, streamlined and beauteous resumes, literary and film analysis, creative writing, and poster and visual design (dear gott in himmel bring me posters)
Other Powers: Incipient pompadours and black kale