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Retreat & Interpretive Center

Retreat & Interpretive Center

Planning is currently under way to develop an interpretive and retreat center as a part of Whitworth University's Verbrugge Environmental Center. The facility will provide day use for 30-45 people and overnight accommodations for up to 16 people, as well as a residence for full-time on-site staff. The location and construction of the center will ensure the careful stewardship of the property and the security of the patrons. Site development will pursue innovative use of construction and other technologies to create facilities with the lowest possible impact on the environment. The location will be selected in order to provide access to the natural assets of the property while preserving the value of the property for educational and research endeavors. The facility will include an interpretive center, classroom, laboratory space, offices and a multipurpose room for use as an educational and retreat venue. The kitchen facility will serve 35-40 people for day retreats.