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Account Setup

Once the grant or contract is negotiated and fully executed, a grant account will be set-up by the Sponsored Programs assistant who is in charge of grant accounting.

Grant accounts are restricted accounts and begin either with 15- for private or corporate funding sources or 20- for federal, state, or local government sources.

Accessing your account information
Each account will be located in a folder with the PI's name on it. These folders can be found on the “G” or grants drive. To map the G drive to your computer follow these instructions:

Mapping a Network Drive

In the following instructions, click the left mouse button unless right click is indicated.

  • From your computer desktop
  • Right click (click the right mouse button) on My Computer
  • Select Map Network Drive
  • In the window that opens you'll see two little windows labeled drive and folder.
  • To the right of the "drive" window, click on the down arrow
  • From the drop down list, select the letter you want to map to (L for campus or G for grants).
  • To the right of the "folder" window, click on the down arrow and type in the drive you want to map to. The campus network drive is \\ad2\campus. The Grants drive is \\ad1\grants.
  • Click Finish.