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Proposal Submission Procedures

ALL proposals submitted by faculty, students or staff on behalf of the university to external funding sources for support of research, instruction, and public service projects must be reviewed and cleared the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) prior to submission.

Whitworth University is the legal applicant on all proposals submitted to external sources on behalf of the institution and its faculty, students and staff. With the exception of some individual faculty fellowships.

The SPO is responsible for securing the appropriate authorizing signature on behalf of the institution for official clearance of a proposal. SPO is also responsible for obtaining institutional letters of support for the project. SPO approval is also necessary for any cost-sharing or matching requirements.

Proposals submitted without SPO clearance are not official Whitworth University proposals and can be withdrawn if funded.

The following types of proposals require SPO clearance:

  1. New, Renewal or Competing Continuations
  2. Non-competing continuations
  3. Revisions to a pending proposal including all revised budgets and work statements
  4. Full or partial proposal when Whitworth is a Subcontractor on another institution's project
  5. Preliminary Proposals and Letters-of-Intent when:
    1. An institutional signature is required
    2. A detailed budget of university contribution is included
    3. There is match required
    4. An award can be issued based on the letter or pre-proposal
  6. Proposals when the funds are to be administered by Whitworth University
  7. Electronic proposals
  8. Individual awards (e.g. fellowships) administered by Whitworth University

Proposals that do not require official clearance:

  1. Proposals submitted by the individual when:
    1. The awards is to be made directly to the individual
    2. Funds will not be administered by Whitworth

These proposals are often for a fellowship such as the Fulbright Scholar Award, NEH Fellowships, etc. Individual applications do not require institutional review and approval; however, a copy of the application should be sent to SPO for recordkeeping and reporting.

SPO will be happy to provide guidance to faculty who are submitting individual proposals.

  1. Letters of Intent when:
    1. An idea is presented for the potential sponsor's informal feedback
    2. No budget or university resources are committed at this stage, if there is a required match, Letter of Intent must receive approval from SPO
    3. Institutional signature is not required

Clearing Electronic Proposals

SPO submits electronic or E-proposals for PIs on behalf of Whitworth. In most cases a click of a button by the PI will trigger a message to the SPO that a submission is waiting for approval.

Once you are finished with the proposal, please print a complete copy to be sent to SPO so that it can be reviewed and filed. SPO will submit the proposal after reviewing it. Please be sure to give yourself enough time for this to happen, SPO cannot ensure submission by the deadline (usually 5 p.m. our time) if E-proposals are not ready for review the day before the deadline. In addition, many submission sites are overloaded at the last minute and it is hard to up-load your proposal.

Proposals to Private Foundations and Corporations

SPO clears all proposals to private sources, including private and corporate foundations, corporations and other non-governmental agencies. SPO often works closely with Institutional Advancement to get approval for the PI to submit to a private or corporate source. Access will be granted if a proposal in not in conflict with:

  1. University priorities for that particular private source
  2. Proposals know to be under development for submission to the same source, or;
  3. Proposals already pending at the same private source.

Awards and grants made by private sources will be administered by the SPO. If allowed, budgets submitted to private sources must include indirect costs at the federal rate or the funder's approved rate.

Subgrant or Subcontract Proposal

  1. If Whitworth is a Subcontractor on a proposal submitted by another institution:
    1. Whitworth's portion of the proposal must be cleared prior to submission to the lead institution.
    2. Agency forms and budget must be reviewed by SPO.
    3. Signatures of the authorized official must be obtained if needed.
    4. Unless limited by the funder, the appropriate indirect cost rate must be used in Whitworth portion of the budget.