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Payment Options

Payment of tuition and fees is due three weeks prior to the beginning of each term. If you anticipate that your financial aid is not going to cover your entire balance, you may choose one of the following to cover any remaining balances:

  • You may pay your total balance owing via check made payable to Whitworth and sent directly to the university's cashier or via e-check by accessing WhitNet or any other Whitworth University website that allows the online processing of payments for tuition and fees. You may also pay with a debit card, in person, at the cashier's window in McEachran Hall. Please note that e-check transactions are subject to a $1 convenience fee charged at the time the transaction is processed.

  • You may charge the total balance owing on a credit card** by accessing any Whitworth University website that allows the online processing of payments for tuition and fees.

  • You may choose to participate in our interest-free monthly payment plan with automatic deductions from your savings/checking bank account. The cost for this service is a nominal $45 for the year or $35 per semester.

*Please note that credit-card transactions will be subject to a convenience fee of 3 percent plus $1, charged to the cardholder at the time the transaction is processed.

Whitworth accepts payments from all prepaid tuition plans. Funds are applied directly against any balances owing. Following your state's protocols, simply request the amount you wish to withdraw and have the funds sent directly to Whitworth. They will be applied to the student's account.

Veterans: For questions concerning education benefits, please contact the Whitworth Registrar's Office at 509.777.3798.

Submission of registration/withdrawal forms to Whitworth University obligates the student for payment of applicable tuition and fees, including a 1.5 percent per month finance charge that may be assessed on unpaid balances (including finance charges previously assessed), as well as any subsequent collection expenses and fees (including, but not limited to attorney fees, collection fees, court costs, and other out-of-pocket expenses), and implies acceptance of the university's financial policies. It is the student's responsibility to pay his/her bill timely and to ensure that his/her registration/withdrawal is correctly processed throughout the term. Please be aware that billing rates may change if your registration status changes. Students with financial aid that is not finalized or with account balances that have not been adequately covered by a payment plan by the end of the first month of the semester may be withdrawn from the university.

For further information, please see our Financial Policies and our schedule of Tuition and Fees.