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Small-Group Ministry

Our community life is built upon relationships through weekly small-group gatherings. Each group, led by Whitworth students, meets in an accepting environment where students can be known and can come to know each other. Whitworth's small-group coordinators, through their investment in small- group leaders who then share in the lives of those around them, have incredible potential to influence and build community. Each SGC makes a major contribution to community, working behind the scenes to support small-group ministry in the dorms and living areas on campus. The Small-Group Ministry Program offers many opportunities for students to grow in their faith, to serve in the community, and to solidify relationships. Some groups are based in ths study of scripture; others focus on prayer or peer support. Whatever a group's purpose, we are confident that being a part of a small group can be one of the most powerful parts of your Whitworth experience. For more information, contact Campus Pastor for Small Groups Mindy Smith at or Allison Maus at

Small-Group Coordinators: 2014-15

  • Baldwin-Jenkins: Mackenzie Kutz and Brad Beeksma
  • Boppell: Joey Hope
  • Stewart: Seth Flanders
  • Duvall: Tyler McQuilkin and Tessa Lauer
  • East: Meghan Dellinger and Chris Volk
  • Arend: Emily Larsen and Adam Blyckert
  • Ballard/Cornerstone: Holland Gjefle
  • Mac: Ryan Worthington
  • Warren: Cara Hughes and Luke Olson