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Motor Pool

A number of cars and vans are available for you to use on official university business. See below for pricing and availability.

To reserve a vehicle, submit a vehicle request form.

To check if the vehicle you want to request is available, click here.

Vehicle Cost Per Hour Cost Per Day (5 hours or more in any 24-hour period)
Van 2 (7 passenger #1) $5 $25
Van 3 (7 passenger #2) $5 $25
Van 4 (12 passenger #1) $15 $75
Van 5 (12 passenger #2) $15 $75
Van 6 (15 passenger) $15 $75
Van 7 (12 passenger #3 4WD)* $15 $75

Reservation and Billing Policies:
  1. Per-day rentals do not include fuel; vehicles returned with less than a full tank will incur additional fueling charges.
  2. Billing amounts will be based upon the hours/days for which the vehicle has been reserved and/or signed out.
  3. Credit for early return of a vehicle will not exceed the rate for one hour's use of that vehicle.
  4. Late return of a vehicle may result in double charge for each hour/day or portion thereof beyond the time for which the vehicle was signed out.
  5. Vehicles should be returned undamaged, clean and (for daily rentals) refueled; return of a vehicle in poor condition will result in departmental charges.

Departments’ use of Van 7 will be authorized based on trip conditions requiring use of 4WD and/or when no other vans are available.

Cancellation Policy:

Users are asked to cancel motor pool reservations a minimum of two days before the scheduled pick-up/departure time. Reservations that are not canceled or that are cancelled after the two-day advance deadline may incur a cancellation fee of $10.

Licensing Requirements:
  1. Any person (faculty, staff, student worker or university guest) intending to drive a university vehicle must have a valid driver's license and must meet the requirements of the university's insurance company. Verification of this compliance must be on file with the Facilities Services Office before anyone will be allowed to drive a university vehicle.
  2. Please note: If the driver has more than two accidents or moving violations on his/her record in the last three years, he or she is not eligible to drive a university-owned vehicle.
  3. Passenger vans may only be operated by drivers certified by Facilities Services in accordance with the Campus Vehicle Policy. Please provide at least 2 weeks’ advance notice if van training is required before your trip.
  4. The Car and Minivan (7-passenger) do not require van driver certification, but all larger passenger vans require a driving test in addition to online training.

Operation of vehicles for official university business must be in compliance with the Campus Vehicle Policy; if you have questions about your eligibility to drive please contact Facilities Services.