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2016-17 Vehicle Operations Policy

Whitworth’s campus has been designed as a walking campus.  The Vehicle Operations Policy provides guidelines for the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on campus.  The purpose of this policy is to reduce pedestrian risk, promote safe vehicle operation, and generally regulate traffic and parking on the Whitworth campus.  To accomplish this, the administration of the policy is delegated to Whitworth's Director for Facilities Services and the Security Supervisor.


  1. General Rules
  2. Registration of Vehicles
  3. Parking Areas
  4. Administration/Enforcement
  5. Fines
  6. Appeal Procedures

1. General Rules

Campus parking and traffic regulations comply with Washington state motor vehicle laws and Spokane County ordinances.  These rules apply equally to all faculty, staff, students and visitors.

  1. These vehicle regulations, Washington state motor vehicle laws and applicable Spokane county ordinances are in effect on all Whitworth properties, including all campus roads, streets, parking areas, improved and unimproved areas and athletic fields.
  2. No unlicensed or improperly licensed motorized vehicle may be operated on the Whitworth campus (other than special-service/university-owned vehicles).
  3. Parking is permitted only in marked parking spaces in designated parking areas.  Do not park in parking spaces designated for service vehicles or visitors or in lots designated for other constituencies than your own. There are parking lots on campus in which overnight parking is not permitted; signs are posted in these lots which read “No Overnight Parking.”
  4. Unless marked as a designated parking space or otherwise marked to permit parking, all roadways on campus are considered fire lanes and parking in them is strictly prohibited. (Curb color, or lack thereof, has no bearing on this). Parking in a fire lane, or in a handicapped-only space, without the required state-issued permit will result in a citation and a $100 fine for each occurrence.
  5. “No Parking” areas include fire lanes, all road and driveway curbed areas, crosswalks, loading zones, service-vehicle zones, assigned or reserved spaces, walkways, planted or seeded areas, 15-ft. areas around fire hydrants, areas around trash/garbage collection points, uncurbed areas, and posted “No Parking” or “No Overnight Parking” areas.
  6. The maximum speed limit on campus is 15 m.p.h.  Lower speed limits are in effect when posted, or if road conditions warrant.
  7. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all intersections and pedestrian crossings except in cases involving emergency vehicles.
  8. Without prior approval of the security supervisor (509.777.3712), no vehicle may be left on campus for longer than 30 days while the owner/operator is absent from campus for any reason.  Likewise, no disabled or inoperative vehicle shall be parked on campus for more than 72 hours. In either case, vehicles will be towed away at the expense of the owner/operator. If your vehicle becomes inoperative on campus, notify security promptly.
  9. Whitworth reserves the right to tow away any illegally or improperly parked vehicle at owner/operator expense.
  10. Spaces designated as handicapped-only parking must be honored, and vehicles parked in them must display a state-issued disabled parking permit.
  11. Motorcycles and motor scooters are considered engine-driven vehicles and may not be operated on walks intended for foot traffic.
  12. Motor vehicles may be operated only on roadways designed for motor-vehicle operation.
  13. If you plan on leaving your vehicle on campus when residences close for a vacation period, you must check with housing, security or the facilities services office for instructions regarding the proper parking area for your vehicle.
  14. Individuals suspected of operating a vehicle under the influence of any drug or alcohol will be reported to local authorities.

2. Registration of Vehicles

  1. Students are required to register each vehicle that they will operate or park on campus, and to properly display current registration decals. Vehicle registrations will be submitted via online registration form; the cost is $60 per vehicle, per year. Failure to register a vehicle or properly display its current registration decal will result in a citation and a fine of $60 per occurrence. Decals will be available for pickup at the HUB Information Desk within five business days of completed online registration. If a vehicle, license plate, or windshield is replaced, please contact facilities services to arrange for a no-cost vehicle re-registration or replacement decal. Switching decals between vehicles is not permitted, nor is attaching a decal to any other vehicle than the one registered.
  2. Faculty/adjuncts/staff members are required to register their vehicles through the online registration form upon employment at Whitworth. If you replace a vehicle or purchase an additional vehicle, you must also register that vehicle in a timely manner. If you replace a windshield or license plate(s), please contact facilities services. 
  3. Affox registration decals to your vehicle’s windshield, on the lower left (driver’s) side. Motorcycles, motor scooters, etc., without windscreens must display the decal in a conspicuous place.
  4. If you drive an unregistered vehicle on campus temporarily (due to damage or breakdown of a registered vehicle), facilities services or security will issue you a temporary parking permit, which will expire at a time set by either of these offices.
  5. Guests and campus visitors can obtain temporary parking permits from facilities services, security or the HUB Info Desk.

3. Parking Areas

  1. Campus parking lots are assigned by constituency, and vehicles parked on campus must be in a lot or space that corresponds to their vehicle registration. The categories are:
      1. Resident Students, East Campus
      2. Resident Students, West Campus
      3. Off-Campus Students
      4. Evening/Graduate Students
      5. Faculty/Staff/Contractors (Includes Adjuncts)

    Please refer to the campus parking map for your assigned parking lot(s).

  2. Parking on campus, due to limited space and Whitworth's concern for the environment, is a privilege and is permitted only in marked parking spaces in designated areas.
  3. Areas immediately adjacent to some buildings, and signed as such, are reserved for marked service and delivery vehicles only
  4. Some parking spaces are marked “Visitors.” These spaces are to be used by non-registered campus visitors only
  5. Parking along streets -- fire lanes -- is not permitted.

4. Administration/Enforcement

  1. The security department shall...
    1. administer and enforce campus traffic and parking regulations;
    2. issue citations;
    3. patrol the university campus;
    4. keep records of violations and fines;
    5. process citation appeals.
  2. The director of facilities services, along with the Parking Task Force, shall...
    1. review the administration and enforcement of these regulations;
    2. recommend revisions of the campus traffic and parking regulations;
    3. maintain registration records and issue decals;
    4. supervise installation of appropriate traffic signs.
  3. Persons observed violating traffic regulations, as well as vehicles found parked illegally, will be cited and/or towed at owner/operator expense.


  1. Fines will be billed to students’ accounts or to employees’ payroll advices.

  2. Types and amounts:
  • Failure to register any vehicle or properly display a current decal results in a $60 charge. After three such citations, the vehicle may be towed at owner/operator expense.
  • General parking violations are subject to a charge of $30.
  • Citations for moving violations such as speeding, failure to stop for a stop sign, right-of-way violations and operating a vehicle in a reckless/negligent manner will be charged at $40 for each violation.
  • Citations for parking in fire lanes and handicapped-only spaces will be charged at $100 and are subject to citation from the Spokane County Sheriff ($450); vehicles in violation will be subject to immediate towing at owner/operator expense.

5. Appeal Procedure

The president of Whitworth has authorized the security department to process appeals of all citations and requests for the release of impounded vehicles. This procedure assures an impartial evaluation of circumstances relating to the appeal; it also assists in appraisal of parking and traffic problems. The appeal procedure is as follows:

    A. In order for appeals to be considered, vehicles must be registered.

    B. The initial appeal must be made within 15 days of the violation(s).

    C. The appellant must submit an electronic citation appeal.

    D. After the review has been completed, the appellant will be notified as to the outcome of the appeal.

    E. These rules and regulations are designed to promote safety and mobility and not to generate revenue. Administration of the regulations will be courteous and equitable at all times.

    Whitworth reserves the right to revoke driving and parking privileges if these privileges are abused. Repeat offenders’ vehicles or unauthorized vehicles are subject to towing or impound at the expense of the owner/ operator. Please read the Vehicle Operations Policy carefully. If you have any questions, please contact facilities services or security.

    This policy is subject to change.



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