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Whitworth Academic Scholarships

Talent and Participation Scholarships

Whitworth University Diversity Scholarship

  • Description: Awarded to students from an underrepresented racial or ethnic population (Hispanic, Asian American, African American, or Native American). OR to students who during the past four (4) years, have lived in a culture outside their own where they experienced being in the significantly underrepresented population for a year or more.
  • Application: Admissions application
  • Amount: $2,000
  • Renewal: Up to four years
  • Deadline: None listed

Whitworth University Alumni Scholarship

  • Description: Awarded to incoming students who are dependents of Whitworth University alumni
  • Application: Admission's application
  • Amount: $1,000
  • Renewal: Up to four years
  • Deadline: None listed

Whitworth Donor-Sponsored Scholarships

  • Scholarships established by individual donors, corporations and foundations are available for students currently attending Whitworth full time. These scholarships are generally greater than $500 and less than $5,000. To log into the Donor-Sponsored Scholarship Application, students must have their Whitworth student ID number available. Submission deadline is Feb. 1, 2014. Late applications will not be considered for initial awarding.

Whitworth Church Matching Scholarship

  • Description: Whitworth University will match up to $500 a scholarship that a student receives from his or her home church.
  • Eligibility: Church-sponsored scholarship recipients.
  • Amount: $ for $ up to $500 maximum
  • Deadline: None Llsted
  • More Information:To access the Church Matching Scholarship Form, click here.

Whitworth Partnership Scholarships

Outside Scholarship Information

Reporting Expected Outside Scholarship Funds

Outside-scholarships database maintained by Whitworth

    The Whitworth Financial Aid Office maintains a database of outside scholarships that may be applicable to Whitworth students. Click here to access this database.

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