Financial Aid

Whitworth Endowed and Donor-Sponsored Scholarships

A number of scholarships have been established by individual donors, corporations or foundations for students currently attending or planning to enroll at Whitworth. These scholarships are available only to students attending full time at Whitworth. The scholarships amounts vary, but generally will be greater than $500 and less than $5,000. Various criteria are used to determine eligibility.

Most Whitworth endowed scholarships require financial need. If you are not planning to complete the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) form, your eligibility for these scholarships is very limited. If you are planning to complete the FAFSA form, it is suggested that you complete it by March 1 for maximum consideration.

Application links:

  • For students currently enrolled at Whitworth and planning to continue their enrollment as full-time students in the next academic year: Applications are due Jan. 31, 2012.
  • Students entering  Whitworth University  for the first time as full-time matriculated day students in the fall: Applications are due March 1, 2012.

Limited opportunities for endowed and other donor-sponsored scholarships are available for incoming transfer students for their first year of enrollment at Whitworth.

Due to the number of applications received, we are only able to notify scholarship recipients. You will not be notified if you are not selected to receive scholarships from this particular application process.

Some scholarships require supplemental applications and letters of recommendation. If these additional forms are needed, you will receive notification from the financial aid office via your e-mail account for current students or regular mail for incoming students. Please complete the necessary forms and submit them by the requested deadline date included in that correspondence. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.