Faculty & Staff Annual Campaign

Larry Burnley
“I love Whitworth for the people, the Christ-centered mission, and the way our leaders and many others see that our commitment to diversity and inclusion is aligned with this mission. “I give because I know that what I'm giving will support the sustainability of Whitworth's mission. My financial support is simply one way to demonstrate my belief in the importance of what we're doing here on behalf of Christ!”
Meagan Helton, '05
"Ever since I first stepped onto the Whitworth campus, I have felt like part of a family. The Whitworth community continues to feel like a family to me, even when I encounter Whitworthians miles away from campus. Families support one another. Others supported me in my education, so I also want to support the university and its students. And I want to give when I see how Whitworth continues to be faithful to its mission and its students, even after 125 years!"
Ben Brody, '97
"I value the education I received here as an undergraduate, and want to ensure that future students benefit from the same opportunities to learn and grow that I did. I appreciate working in an educational environment that seeks to integrate academic and spiritual development, and one that encourages students to make wise decisions, rather than simply follow rules."
Pamela Corpron Parker, '81
"I love the sense of continuity I find in Whitworth's mission to educate both ‘mind and heart.’ My husband, Rob, and I were students here, and I'm now a faculty member, serving alongside colleagues who were once my professors. My son Danny is currently a senior. We've all been nurtured and challenged by Whitworth, and I want to contribute to that legacy.”
Meredith Devey
"Whitworth is a place where students are constantly asked to expand their way of thinking, to listen to and try to reconcile their beliefs and understandings with different perspectives, a place where passions are ignited and developed. I love that because of this Whitworth has even challenged me to grow as a staff member and I have found supportive colleagues who reflect to me and to the students an ethos of love and respect."
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