Eugen Lazarenco

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Eugen Lazarenco

Anticipated graduation year: 2015

Majors: Economics, International Business

Hometowns: Chisinau, Moldova; Dublin, Ireland

I am Eugen Lazarenco. I am a third-year student originally from Moldova, having spent a considerable portion of my life in Ireland. I am pursuing a double major in economics and international business, and am hopeful at looking towards the future.

Being from Moldova, limitations are inevitable. The culture around me set these barriers that were deemed untouchable. I was imprisoned by my own mind because of my surrounding culture. I didn't believe I had potential because that is how society viewed me. Fortunately, an inexplicable spark of hope remained deep inside me. Now, this spark has become an uncontrollable inferno. Limits have now become targets and possibilities can now be viewed as probabilities. It was important for me to keep hope alive; without it I would not be here, living my dream. I used to believe that dreams were figments of my imagination; never had it occurred to me that they could become reality. I now never cease to dream, and that is only because of the people that believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself.

I am driven by my insatiable desire to become better. Although perfection is not attainable, I strive to get dangerously close. This is now possible because of other people's generosity and the hope that we will change the world for the better.