Kathryn Hendricks

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Kathryn Hendricks

Anticipated graduation year: 2017

Major: Communications

Hometown: Mercer Island, Wash.

When I began my college search, I can honestly say that Spokane, Washington was the last place that I expected to spend four years of my life. In fact, Whitworth was the only university that I applied to in all of Washington State. I had my mind and heart set on escaping to the sunshine, warm weather, and sandy beaches of Southern California. And, as of the summer before I began my freshman year of college, that was exactly where I was projected to be. I had committed to a school in southern California and would move during the second week of August. However I soon realized that God had an entirely different plan for my life. While serving at a Young Life camp in July, I became aware of God's alternative plan for me to attend Whitworth. Unsure of whether that could even be a possibility, I called the admissions office and sure enough, I could still attend for the incoming semester while also keeping my scholarship, admission to the honors program, and admission to the School of Business. So, I cancelled my enrollment and decided to attend Whitworth.

My experience at Whitworth has been nothing short of overwhelming, demanding and strenuous, but also a time of incredible growth for me relationally, academically and spiritually. My character has been challenged and stretched in ways that I could have never imagined. None of this growth could have been possible without the support that I received from Whitworth through my academic scholarship and on-campus employment opportunities. Because of the generous donor backing, I can receive an education of both mind and heart, which is something that I could not receive anywhere else. And, with this education, I have decided to pursue a career that gives back to the community. Instead of studying an area in the business discipline, I have decided that I aspire to receive a secondary education degree and my certification for ministry. I hope to teach in international schools around the world, while also leading youth ministry. This career possibility is made possible by the phenomenal programs and faculty support at Whitworth. All in all, I could not be happier with my decision to attend Whitworth, and I look forward to all the opportunities and experiences that I will have in my next four years!