Samson Martinez

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Samson Martinez

Anticipated graduation year: 2014

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Pasco, Wash.

My story begins in Pasco, Washington, where I have lived since I was in the third grade. Pasco faces many challenges academically, due to the vast majority of English second-language students who are in public schools there. Growing up, it was easy to occupy my time elsewhere rather than focus on my education like most would hope. Pasco faces one of the largest dropout rates in the state and hasn't progressed much as the years march on. The first challenge I had to overcome in my educational history was the adversity I faced while in Pasco. I was well aware that being accepted in a prestigious university like Whitworth was challenging, but I fought hard to believe that a challenge was an opportunity, not an insurmountable obstacle.

I grew up the third of four children in a small Christian home, so living on my own and making my own decisions once I reached college was an incredible experience. Since I have been at Whitworth, I have been able to finally discover the true aspects about life and reality you face once confronted with real life events. Before coming to Whitworth, I had aspirations to play Division I golf for a Pac-12 school. Because of this, I hadn't even considered the option of coming to a small private university. When the opportunity came to make a visit to Whitworth, I decided not to go, thinking that it would be a waste of time. However, my brother encouraged me to still make the effort to check it out. I, even today, am still so amazed how Whitworth handled my visit. They were able to take a high school student who wanted nothing to do with them and leave him with the mentality that he would go nowhere else. Whitworth is more than just a college to me; it's home.

Whitworth has given me the confidence to be able to reach my dreams and not just wish upon them. To be a Pirate has been an incredible experience that I will cherish for eternity. Here at Whitworth, I have gained so much insight on how to live my life in the future. People aren't just coming here to receive an education; they are coming here because it's not just a school to prepare you for the outer world, but rather a helping hand when finding out your destiny! I am currently serving as a residents' assistant and am an active member of AWAKE Ministries on campus. These two jobs Whitworth has given me have helped me strive in my relational skills. I feel that I am truly ready to take on the business world, and Whitworth has carried me there.