Whitworth President's Report 2012-13

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Whitworth Foundation Board of Directors

Richard L. Barney, '60
Retired Administrator
Seattle Housing Authority

Dr. Brian L. Benzel
Vice President for Finance & Administration
Whitworth University

William P. Curry, '73
Huntron Instruments, Inc.

W. Peter Enkema, '69
Sales Associate
Tomlinson Black North, Inc.

William C. Fix
Investment Advisor
William C. Fix Investments

Frank C. Knott, '64
Ott-Knott, Inc.

Richard E. Lewis, '72
Attorney at Law
Richard Lewis Law

Dr. Scott A. McQuilkin, '84
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Whitworth University

William H. Moore
Retired Senior Vice President
Washington Trust Bank

Mary Lee Nickoloff, '64, '82 M.Ed.
Vice President
Whitworth Auxiliary

Benson A. Nielsen
Retired Architect
Northwest Architectural Company

Julie H. Olds
Self-Employed Attorney
Estate Planning & Corporate Taxation

L. Jerald Sheffels
L. Sheffels and Sons, Inc. 

Dr. Beck A. Taylor
Whitworth University

Dr. Peter A. Tucker, '91
Associate Professor, Math & Computer Science
Whitworth University