Whitworth President's Report 2012-13

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Goal 3: Prepare Whitworth students to be global citizens


President's Message
Whitworth 2021 Vision


Expand opportunities for students to experience and explore cultures throughout the world, leading to an increase in the percentage of undergraduates who study abroad from 43 percent to 70 percent.

KPI 3.1.3: Increase traditional undergraduate student participation in study-abroad programs from 43 percent in 2009-10 to 70 percent by 2021, positioning Whitworth in the top 10 master's-level universities in the U.S.

Whitworth's commitment to expanding students' study-abroad opportunities was recognized recently when the Institute of International Education named Whitworth the No. 1 master's-level university in the Pacific Northwest for study-abroad participation. Of the 585 members of Whitworth's Class of 2012, 45.2 percent studied abroad, while just 14 percent of all U.S. undergraduate students receiving bachelor's degrees in 2012 studied abroad.

"Whitworth has long been at the forefront of innovative study-abroad programs among its peer institutions," says Sue Jackson, director of the Whitworth International Education Center. "The university is committed to supporting and encouraging faculty to develop new, innovative study-abroad programs."

Each year, Whitworth faculty members lead more than 30 study programs throughout the world. The newest program, in Tanzania, East Africa, runs January through mid-May. New in 2013 is an initiative that allows faculty to lead some traditional Jan Term programs in May Term, opening study-abroad opportunities to students with academic or athletics commitments during Jan Term.

Whitworth also offers students an increasing number of locations for independent study through its membership in the International Student Exchange Program, an organization with ever-growing connections. And Whitworth continues to establish reciprocal exchange partnerships with universities worldwide, most recently with Kwansei Gakuin University, in Japan.

Expand undergraduate participation in study-abroad programs.
Goal: 70.0% – into Top 10 Master's-Level Universities
Baseline: 43.0%
Current Performance & Goal (2012-13 graduates)

Reflects the percentage of matriculated day undergraduates who participate in study abroad.

Increase opportunities on the Whitworth campus for students, faculty and staff to gain international perspectives by interacting with and learning from people from all corners of the world.

KPI 3.2.1: Employ a Fullbright scholar or international visiting professor at least once every two years.

In 2012, Whitworth Director of Sponsored Programs Lynn Noland and World Languages & Cultures Department Chair Bendi Schrambach submitted a successful application to the Fulbright Program to bring a scholar to Whitworth for the 2013-14 academic year. Lobna Saeed, a Muslim from Cairo, Egypt, is Whitworth's Fulbright foreign language teaching assistant, teaching two classes of Arabic, holding office hours for 20 hours each week, and auditing two classes each semester, as well. Arabic, the fifth most commonly spoken language in the world, is considered a "critical language" by the U.S. Department of State, and Saeed's position, supported in part by a Strategic Fund Initiative, contributes in a number of ways to Goal 3 of the strategic plan, "Preparing Students for Global Citizenship." "We're thrilled to have her here," says Schrambach, "as teacher, scholar and cultural ambassador."


KPI 3.2.1: Enhance recruitment and retention of international students with a goal of increasing enrollment from 56 students in 2010 to at least 100 students from among 30 or more countries in 2021.

Increase the number of international students enrolled.
Goal: 100
Baseline: 56 (fall 2010)
Current Performance & Goal (as of fall 2013)


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