Whitworth President's Report 2012-13

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Goal 5: Elevate a liberal arts education as essential and relevant to all majors and careers


President's Message
Whitworth 2021 Vision


Expand experiential learning opportunities for students to serve the community, participate in off-campus initiatives, and apply their educational skills in workplace settings.

KPI 5.2.1: Increase to 75 percent the number of traditional undergraduates who complete an internship, a practicum experience, or a research project before graduating.

Increase number of undergraduates completing internships, practicums or research projects.
Goal: 75.0%
Baseline: 46.0%
Current Performance & Goal (as of AY2012-13)

Support interdisciplinary scholarship and programs that equip students and faculty to connect ideas across multiple disciplines, to expand boundaries of knowledge, and to address complex contemporary problems.

KPI 5.3.1: Strengthen existing interdisciplinary majors, minors and areas of concentration, and add new programs in areas of significant promise and demand.

Whitworth's new environmental studies minor was designed by multiple academic departments and adopts an interdisciplinary approach to developing environmental literacy and competency. The minor includes insights from the natural sciences, social sciences, theology and the humanities that help all students think critically about environmental issues.

In 2009, Whitworth established an endowment to honor Professor of English Leonard Oakland, who has also taught film at Whitworth since 1970. The university worked with alumni, friends and family to create an endowment in Oakland's name that will be used to fund an annual film festival and provide a permanent home for film studies at Whitworth. The Whitworth English Department now offers a film and visual narrative minor, which includes courses in Adobe Creative Suite, photography, journalism, and development of multimedia.


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