Whitworth President's Report 2012-13

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Goal 6: Enhance Whitworth's strengths in graduate and continuing studies


President's Message
Whitworth 2021 Vision


Establish ongoing assessment of graduate and continuing studies programs based on mission fit, academic quality, and market sustainability.

KPI 6.1.2: Complete a feasibility and implementation plan by July 2012 for the
development of high-quality new programs in graduate and continuing studies.

Whitworth's School of Business, in collaboration with the university's School of Continuing Studies, now offers a B.A. in management and accounting. This versatile degree meets the need in the Spokane region for an evening program that provides a pathway to CPA credentials.

The School of Education also has two new programs: the M.A. in marriage and family therapy and the M.Ed. in social emotional learning. The first program replaces the clinical mental-health-counseling program and has a much broader appeal to professionals interested in providing therapy for individuals, couples and families. In conjunction with the program, the university has established the Whitworth Marriage and Family Therapy Wellness Center, which provides therapy services for community members through student practicums. The second new program meets local school districts' requests for an option for teachers to learn counseling skills without the necessity of becoming practicing counselors. This will be a boon to districts and local organizations that work with children who face complex social and emotional challenges.

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management in Graduate and Continuing Studies Cheryl Vawter, '94, says of the new offerings, "Our new programs are well-suited to meet market demand in those specific areas, as well as to enhance students' academic choices at Whitworth. The versatile new degrees are an answer to previously unmet needs in Spokane for programs that provide a pathway to more fulfilling and high-demand careers and vocations."


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