Whitworth President's Report 2012-13

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The Numbers

Whitworth's financial health is sound, thanks to steady enrollment figures, generous donors and consistent management of existing institutional resources. The strong financial position documented in this report is possible due to your continued generosity and steadfast commitment to our mission. On behalf of the entire Whitworth community, thank you.

Net Assets

Statement of Activities


The Whitworth Foundation

The Whitworth Foundation was established in 1972 with the purpose of helping individuals set up deferred gifts, such as charitable trusts and gift annuities. These arrangements provide tax savings and lifetime income to donors while they ultimately grow the university's endowment. Since the foundation's inception, more than 350 of these arrangements have been established, and almost $20 million has been transferred from the foundation to Whitworth University. The Whitworth Foundation is grateful to all alumni and friends who have included Whitworth in arrangements such as these or through other estate plans. Your investment makes an incalculable difference in the lives of future students.

Total Deferred Gifts Under Management