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Whitworth Today: Summer 2002

Whitworth Today is Whitworth's alumni magazine, published twice each year, in midwinter and early summer.

Student leadership at Whitworth: Building community, training for life
Summer 2002

Whitworth TodayContributing to the Common Good (PDF)
Students earning minors through Whitworth's Leadership Studies Program apply an innovative theory, "transforming leadership," in an ambitious annual project to help stamp out global hunger. In this and a number of other ways, the Leadership Studies Program, established in 1998, is preparing students for lives of effective, skillful, heart-to-heart leadership.

Leading the Whitworth Way (PDF)
Whitworth students are more likely to run into a resident assistant in a small-group meeting or during a zany lunge stunt than in a disciplinary encounter. That's no accident. The college hires more student leaders for more diverse roles, and places more emphasis on relationship- and community-building than most other colleges and universities. Now, national attention is being focused on Whitworth's unique approach.

Whitworth Alumni: Leaders in Action (PDF)
Whitworth has a long tradition of preparing -- and allowing -- its students to lead. Catch up with Cindy Gorman, '71, Marquis Nuby, '85, and Travis Sines, '95, and find out how they have built upon their undergraduate leadership experiences in their careers and their lives. more...

Editor's Note (PDF)

President's Message (PDF)