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Whitworth Today: Spring 2003

Whitworth Today is Whitworth's alumni magazine, published twice each year, in midwinter and early summer.

The changing face of scholarship at Whitworth
Spring 2003

Whitworth TodayProfiles of Research (PDF)
Contrary to prevailing higher-education wisdom, research and teaching are anything but an either-or proposition at Whitworth. Even as professors become more active and more widely known for their scholarly work, their focus remains on engaging students in the excitement of discovery.

Profiles of Publications (PDF)
More than ever before, Whitworth faculty are publishing original research on such diverse topics as the origins of evil and the surprising factors that contribute to one's success or failure in the business world. This work, which reaches an audience that ranges from lawmakers and corporate leaders to poets and journalists, is raising the college's visibility on a national level.

Profiles of Presentations (PDF)
Through a combination of established and new programs, Whitworth is bringing an unprecedented number of speakers and performers to campus. Read about these visitors -- from an acclaimed printmaker to a Pulitzer Prize finalist -- who bring with them new ideas and exciting perspectives that inspire lively discussion within the Whitworth community and throughout the Spokane area.

Editor's Note (PDF)

President's Message (PDF)