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Whitworth Today: Fall 2004

Whitworth Today is Whitworth's alumni magazine, published twice each year, in midwinter and early summer.

Whitworth Today

Whitworth Today is Whitworth's alumni magazine, published twice each year, in midwinter and early summer.

Leif Enger Interview
Extended audio and text interview with Endowed English Reader Leif Enger, author of Peace Like a River.

Prayer for Opening of Weyerhaeuser Hall
At the October opening of Whitworth's newest academic building, Campus Chaplain and Dean of the Chapel Terry McGonigal offered this dedicatory prayer.

In Time of War
Visit the Whitworth website created by the producers of this documentary.

Dale Soden Article
The full manuscript of the recent article by Professor of History and Director of the Weyerhaeuser Center Dale Soden, "Contesting for the Soul of an Unlikely Land," printed in the 2004 summer issue of the quarterly theology journal Word & World.

'In Time of War' (PDF)
Alumna Andrea Palpant, '00, tells the story of how a number of Whitworthians -- alumni, faculty and staff -- joined forces with a group of Japanese Americans to tell the story of a sad chapter in the history of the Pacific Northwest, and of our nation.

'Relief from the Daily Barrage' (PDF)
Leif Enger, author of the acclaimed novel Peace Like a River, speaks with Whitworth Today about the nature of God and human beings, the Charismatic Renewal of the '70s, his favorite response to a nasty critic, and what his college experience has meant to his career as a writer.

The Completion of a Campus Landmark: A Story in Pictures (PDF)
Weyerhaeuser Hall, Whitworth's new academic building, began in July 2003 as a set of stakes marking a foundation and evolved into a state-of-the-art structure teeming with students, faculty, staff and community members. View photos of the recently completed building and discover its innovative features.

Reconstructing the Historical Ethos of the Pacific Northwest (PDF)
Whitworth Professor of History Dale Soden has published articles, chapters and books aimed at increasing the understanding of religion's influence on the history of the Pacific Northwest, a region widely viewed as the least-churched in the country. This excerpt from Soden's latest article challenges the image of the Northwest as irreligious.

World Citizen: Thai Alumna Lives Mission (PDF)
Whitworth Today interviews Saisuree Chutikul, '56, former government minister, accomplished musician, Whitworth Alumni Award winner, doting grandmother, and dedicated advocate for exploited women and children in her country and throughout the world.

Editor's Note (PDF)

President's Message (PDF)