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Whitworth Today: Fall 2004

Prayer for Opening of Weyerhaeuser Hall

Gracious God, incarnate in Jesus, now present with us this morning through your Holy Spirit, we give thanks this day for the new Weyerhaeuser Hall, a building where students, staff, faculty and the Spokane community will grow in knowledge and in wisdom, in grace and in truth, for years to come.

We give you thanks for the efforts of countless people who have made this building possible:

  • for C. Davis and Annette Weyerhaeuser, whose vision and resources began this project. For five decades Dave worked quietly but steadfastly to keep the college true to its Christian mission of providing students an education of mind and heart;

  • for Bill and Bonnie Robinson, whose support both seen and unseen has helped to make this college all that it is today;

  • for government grants and foundation gifts, especially from the Stewardship Foundation, and for corporate sponsors, trustees and individual donors whose collective generosity provided financial support for this enterprise;

  • for architects and contractors, institutional-advancement staff and administrators, design-team members and workers whose collective knowledge, hands and diligence built this structure;

  • for suppliers and physical-plant and information-systems personnel and artists whose efforts and works have filled this hall with everything necessary for its function;

  • for faculty and staff who now "inhabit" this building, who have patiently (and with much anticipation) awaited this new workspace;

  • for all the students who will learn here. For 114 years you have sent to this college incredible students whose gifts, talents, passions and skills have dazzled us and who have blessed the world through their service. Thank you for students past and present, and for all the students to come who will pass through this archway and whose lives, along with our world, will be changed through what they will learn here.

Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom: Enlighten by your Holy Spirit those who teach and those who learn, so that, rejoicing in the knowledge of your truth, they may worship and serve you for generations to come. We pray for every person who enters this building that, as the entryway portal verse from Proverbs 2:10 says, "Wisdom shall enter their minds, and knowledge shall be their heart's delight." In this building may we all learn how best to honor you, our Sovereign and Redeeming God, to follow more faithfully our Lord and Savior Jesus the Messiah, and to render even more effective service in our broken world, whose restoration and shalom is your heart's desire and your will for the establishment of your kingdom on earth, even as it already is in heaven.

With this prayer on our lips and this vision in our hearts, we now celebrate the opening of Weyerhauser Hall with deep joy and gratitude for your countless blessings of grace in our lives and in this community of Whitworth College. Amen