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Whitworth Today: Spring 2004

Whitworth Today is Whitworth's alumni magazine, published twice each year, in midwinter and early summer.

Politics of Faith: Whitworth Challenges Students to Connect Belief and Action
Spring 2004

Whitworth TodayLife Lessons (PDF)
Four Whitworth professors explore the diverse influences, insights and inspirations that inform their decisions on political issues (an introduction by Whitworth Communications Director Greg Orwig, '91).

Christian Educator Considers Informed Voting a Privilege and Responsibility (PDF)
by Sharon Mowry

Music Professor Ponders Christ's Call to Action (PDF)
by Richard Strauch

Family Conversations and Stories Shape Journalism Professor's Worldview (PDF)
by Ginny Whitehouse

Oppressed Christians Challenge Religion Professor's Perspective on Political Realities (PDF)
by Jim Edwards, '67

Editor's Note (PDF)

President's Message (PDF)