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1966 Jonathan Randolph married Elaine Fisher on Sept. 30. The Randolphs live in Kirkland, Wash.

1969 Mark Howard is enjoying his fourth year as associate pastor-chaplain at Community Presbyterian Church of Danville, Calif.


Ruth (De Mott) Martin, '64, died May 4. She served in the Salvation Army for a number of years, then worked for the U.S. Forest Service until her retirement, in 1999. She is survived by her husband, four stepchildren, and her brother. Barbara Faught, '64, died Aug. 31. She worked as a registered nurse in Montana, Oregon, Hawaii and Washington before teaching elementary school for 10 years in Spokane's West Valley School District. She is survived by her husband, a son and daughter, and several grandchildren. Vicki (Mitchell) Kennedy, '65, died May 28. Following her graduation from Whitworth, she married John Kennedy and worked as an elementary-school teacher. She is survived by two children and one sister. Margaret Emery, '68, died Sept. 21; Clavard Jones, '68, died May 15, 2005, in Seattle; Lola Teagle, '69, died July 13. She was an elementary-school teacher throughout her professional career, which included teaching for 28 years in Spokane. She is survived by her husband, one son, a brother and sister, and one grandchild.

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