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Calling All Surfers: Check Out the New www.whitworth.edu

Tracey Brown

Students returned to campus this fall to find Whitworth sporting a spanking new residence hall, a swanky new coffeehouse, and a sleek new website.

In the six years since the last Whitworth website design was launched, web technologies and techniques have evolved considerably. It was time for the web team, under the leadership of the Whitworth Web Advisory Group, to give the site a virtual sprucing up.

The initial phase of the redesign included a complete overhaul of the home page and top-level pages, including admissions and academics. The new format makes it easier for visitors to find information and to complete tasks such as applying to the college, making a donation, or taking an online tour. The site also communicates Whitworth's distinctive mission and strengths through features such as student profiles and the "Why Whitworth?" section on the home page. In addition to these changes, all official pages on the site were updated with new headers, footers, page backgrounds and fonts.

Stay tuned for more innovative changes as the web team rolls out the second phase of the website redesign.

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