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Homepage photo
An oil-on-canvas painting, Boat at St. Isabelle Pier, by Edmund Hill, '66, on display in McEachran Hall. The 66 in. x 81in. painting is a memorial gift by friends and family of the artist to the Whitworth College Permanent Art Collection. Cover photo by Julie Riddle, '92.


About Whitworth Today
Spring 2006, Vol. 75, No. 1

Terry Rayburn Mitchell, '93

Assistant Editor
Julie Riddle, '92

Art Director
Tamara McIntosh

Scott Bisch
Al Borman
Allison Carr, '06
Michael Chansavang, '07
Karen Habbestad, '62
Kirk Hirota
Robert Huggins, '04
Bethany Monroe, '06
Sarah Morgenthaler, '08
Greg Orwig, '91
Garrett Riddle
Thomas Robinson, '09
Leah Silvieus, '07
Peter Williams
Tad Wisenor, '89

Editorial Board
Marianne Hansen, '97
Janet Hauck
Rick Hornor, '70
John Larkin
Michael Le Roy, '89
Jim McPherson
Terry Rayburn Mitchell, '93
Greg Orwig, '91
Garrett Riddle
Julie Riddle, '92
Andrea Saccoccio
Tad Wisenor, '89

- President

William P. Robinson

- Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Kristi Burns

- Director of Communications
Greg Orwig, '91

- Managing Editor of College Communications
Garrett Riddle

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