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A Whitworth Campus Tour of
the Visual Arts

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Whitworth College seeks to enhance the visual richness of the buildings and lawns of the campus through the acquisition and installation of paintings, photographs, sculptures and other works of art that will add drama, understanding, and memorability to those spaces in which we work, walk and study. The college believes that an environment enriched by the visual arts is central to the liberal-arts tradition and represents an authentic element of our Christian heritage.

Whitworth believes the arts should play both an aesthetic and a prophetic role in the life of a liberal arts college. Aesthetic value and beauty are created by newness and strangeness as much as by warmth and reassurance. In addition to beauty, pleasure, humor, and charm, art often exposes uncomfortable truths about society and the human heart. We affi rm that such art also has its place in the Christian experience of the liberal arts.

Whitworth will continue to acquire artworks of high quality created by professional artists of established reputation who produce works of importance and power that meet high standards of excellence in content and craftsmanship.

The Whitworth College Permanent Art Collection serves as a valuable resource for education and pleasure for the college and its students. The visual beauty and challenging subject matter of the collected artworks serve to enhance the college campus and provoke classroom discussion. A hallmark of the Whitworth collection is its variety of subject matter, media, style and form that includes sculpture, painting, glass, ceramics, photography and mixed media.

The core of the Whitworth College collection has come through the donations of Dr. Dorothy and Dr. Gordon Carlson, '49 and '50 (various media and art forms), Clyde B. and Annie Matters, '50 and '57 (African Art), and Floyd and Shirley Daniel (photography). Additions to the collection continue in the forms of gifts, commissions, visiting-artists' purchases, faculty works, the Whitworth College Loop Press prints, and the Whitworth College Art Department Purchase Awards, which honor a senior art major each spring.

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