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  Top Ten Whitworth Icons  
  Whitworth Today staffers, many of them alumni of the college, recently gathered to compile a list of Whitworth's most recognizable people, places and things. Here's our top 10.

- View 44 more icons – both serious and frivolous – that just missed the list.

Whom/what did we leave out? Let us know by e-mailing editor Terry Mitchell at tmitchell@whitworth.edu

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#5, Leonard Oakland #8, The Whitworth Tree #9, the Hawaiian Club Lu'au # 10, Mac's Smiley Face #6, The Central America Study Program #7, Bill's bike #3, Frank Warren 1. The Core Program, 2. The Big Three, 3. Frank Warren, 4. Forum,  5. Leonard Oakland, 6. The Central America Study Program, 7. Bill’s Bike, 8. The Whitworth Tree, 9. The Hawaiian Club Lu’au,10. Mac's Smiley Face