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Terry Mitchell
Editor's Note

I decided to write this editor's note the morning before the presidential election – a day I thought might never come. Right now the world is full of possibilities: Who will win? What difference will his presidency make to each of us?

It's been great to experience this campaign at Whitworth. Political scientists, sociologists, economists and theologians have come to campus to illuminate us about the importance of this historic presidential election and about our call to serve God and one another no matter who is elected. Some tried to prepare us for the fact that the new president will have to pick his way gingerly through overwhelming problems that include a faltering economy, two wars, the ever-climbing cost of healthcare, and the need for a new energy policy. And just a couple of weeks ago, The Whitworthian conducted a straw poll that resulted in a narrow Obama win (by a bit more than 1 percentage point) among students.

So now we wait for the real thing. And we pray. Forty-eight hours from now we'll have a new president-elect, and both candidates have vowed to take our country in a new direction. Possibilities abound. No matter who wins, life will go on and individuals (elected and non-elected) will continue to make an impact on the world.

You'll read in this issue about some people whose gifts, both tangible and spiritual, have created possibilities for others: A generous gift will make it possible for Whitworth students to study in a beautiful natural habitat to be preserved in perpetuity; a student with physical limitations can pursue his musical dreams through the work of a Whitworthian who sees possibilities everywhere; a striking new building provides avenues for artistic expression by talented students and faculty; a faculty member makes it possible for his many friends – and countless others – in Nigeria to read God's word in their own language. And that's just a sampling.

It's an exciting time to be alive. I hope you're enjoying the interregnum between the end of the presidential campaign and the inauguration of our new commander-in-chief. I also hope you'll enjoy this issue of Whitworth Today.

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