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Letters should be under 200 words and are subject to editing. Send letters to tmitchell@whitworth.edu.

Letter on Global Warming "Troubling"
Logan Gage's recent letter published in Whitworth Today (spring/summer 2008) is extremely troubling. He says that he remains unconvinced by the claims of global-warming science and suggests it is "unwise scientifically and morally" to embrace the agenda of those who are attempting to address global warming.

What Mr. Gage does not acknowledge is the complete scientific consensus concerning the anthropogenic nature of global warming (see the work of Naomi Oreskes, U.C. San Diego). This position is affirmed by every international and national scientific body that has investigated global warming, including the United Nations, the National Academy of Science, the National Science Foundation, and every scientific society associated with the geosciences, atmospheric sciences and oceanography. There is simply no credible evidence to dispute this consensus; indeed, even the White House has recently accepted this scientific consensus.

Furthermore, Mr. Gage implies that environmentalists concerned with global warming are targeting Africa to address the problems of CO2 emissions, raising moral issues. Again, this could not be more misleading or wrong. Those concerned with global warming aim to cap the emissions of CO2 by countries in the developed world, particularly the United States, that contribute the most to global-warming gases.

Finally, Mr. Gage claims to be saddened by the issue of stewardship and global warming, associating the issue with political agendas. In a democratic society, scientific problems are often addressed politically. However, the reality of global warming is not determined by politics, but by careful scientific investigation. All Whitworthians should be concerned about our shared stewardship of the earth, especially when there are clear signs of change associated with our activities.

Keith Benson, '70

How Can I Help?
I was so thrilled to see Whitworth Today show up yesterday! Great issue, and I'm so glad that the Shahbabies made the cover. It's great to read about a young family making it, thanks to the support of their college buddies. Indeed, I read it right before going to bed then lay there for a long time thinking about what I could do to help out, too.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the magazine tonight, but I wanted to start the day by saying THANKS to the team that puts W.T. together. It always reminds me to do more for a place I love so much.

Dianna (Cooke) Pategas, '91

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