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When former ASWC president Wendi Story McFarland, '96, graduated from Whitworth 12 years ago, the Internet was just hitting its stride, Bill Clinton was on the verge of being elected to his second term as president, and the average cost of gasoline was $1.23 per gallon. It wasn't that long ago, and yet much has changed since then.

But some things don't change – like Mock Rock, The Big 3, and the value of a Whitworth education. That's why, after graduating, Story McFarland decided to include her alma mater in her estate plans by setting up a life insurance policy and naming Whitworth as the beneficiary.

"Purchasing a policy to benefit Whitworth was an easy choice," Story McFarland says. "I could afford the monthly premium, and it felt good knowing that one day I would give back to a community that has given so much to me."

Naming Whitworth as the beneficiary of your will, retirement plan or life insurance policy is a great way to show your support for an education of mind and heart. For information on how you can leave Whitworth in your estate plans and become a member of the Jay P. Graves Society, please contact The Whitworth Foundation at 800.532.4668 or foundation@whitworth.edu.

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