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Robert Huggins, '04

Blog: Light: Faith, Photography, Culture, light.roberthuggins.com/blog

Huggins shares a portrait he's just shot of Daniel, a church planter and pastor in northern Ghana.

As a Christian, an important question to me is, "What does the gospel seed look like when it's been planted, watered and grown to maturity in the native soil of a non-Western land and culture?" Some of my most vivid memories – and images – have been made in the company of people whose worldly realities could not be farther from my own, yet with whom I share the strong, unseen bond of mutual Christian faith.

I have sat with African believers in mud huts far out of reach of electricity or running water as they experience newfound joy in Christ because of the witness of other Africans; I have engaged with Indians scratching out an existence in the slums of Delhi while setting up schools and micro-economic co-ops to elevate the lives of their neighbors; and I have wrestled in prayer with Indonesian Christians struggling to make sense of their trauma in the wake of a devastating tsunami, yet still trying to reach out to the 99.9 percent Muslim population around them that is going through the same trial. These are my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I try to tell their stories with my camera and blog.

I love how blogging allows me to share photos and the stories that go with them. Artists thrive on positive feedback, so it's especially fulfilling when I hear from people who have seen my photos and read my stories and have been somehow touched by them. My hope is that visitors to my blog are blessed, as I have been, by these images and the lives they represent.

Robert Huggins is a graphic designer and multimedia communications coordinator for Partners International (www.partnersintl.org), a global ministry that works to create and grow communities of Christian witness in partnership with God's people in the least Christian regions of the world. Huggins' role with Partners International and other opportunities have allowed him to do photojournalism and documentary work in areas including the Himalayas in Nepal, the Aceh area of Indonesia, remote villages in West Africa, and the southernmost tip of India. He lives in Spokane with his wife, Megan (Blank) Huggins, '05.

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