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Editor's Note

If Whitworth was once thought of as a bucolic little college in smalltown America, it certainly doesn't fit that description anymore. When I arrived in 1983, we might, indeed, have been characterized as a bit of a backwater. But things move fast these days. We're bigger. Needed positions are created as others become obsolete, and we must adapt the way we spread the word about Whitworth to appeal to potential students who multitask 16 hours a day in a world that's moving 900 miles an hour. Though the important stuff – the mission, the heart, the essence of Whitworth – remains the same, our methods, programs, and approaches evolve to serve our students and our constituency far beyond Spokane. One of the goals of Whitworth Today is to keep you aware of both the immutable and the ever-changing elements of the Whitworth experience.

Bill Robinson has announced that this will be his last year as Whitworth's president. We're sad about that. He's asked us to save our goodbyes for the spring, and that's what we'll do, but I'll say now that we'll really miss Bill. We've enjoyed telling people in the community, "I work at Whitworth," and hearing them say, "Is that Robinson guy really as great as he seems?" Yes, folks, he really is.

We've also said a fond goodbye to Kristi Burns, our V.P. for institutional advancement, and welcomed Scott McQuilkin,'84, her successor. Scott has moved over to I.A. from his previous home in the athletics department, where he's been the go-to guy for 15 years. We're glad Scott's here, and we know that he's going to – sports metaphor alert! – take the advancement ball and run with it.

Along with the ebb and flow of human resources, Whitworth is hopping with events, visitors, programs, innovations – and, of course, with students and the energy that only they can provide. Read in this issue's news section about our new location downtown; check out the features on our thriving music program and our soon-tobe- dedicated satellite center in Costa Rica; see who's been speaking and performing here; take a look at the photo essay on East Hall, our newest student residence. We have much good news to share.

Whitworth's substance remains as it was when you alums were here. And the university will continue to make decisions about how best to embrace and uphold its mission and flourish in a fast-paced, evolving world. Change is constant, and sometimes disconcerting. But we're ready to deal with the changes that life throws at us – because, as Bill Robinson has reminded us any number of times, we stand on rock-solid ground.

I hope you enjoy this issue of Whitworth Today.


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