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Go East, Young Man (and Woman)
New hall houses students in eco-friendly style


Photo by Robert Huggins, '04

East Hall, which opened this fall, is a 170-bed facility that houses all four class levels in single, double and triple rooms. The three-story residence features unique common spaces, large-group and small-group meeting areas, and study spaces.

  • The hall has one resident director, eight resident assistants, one cultural diversity advocate, one senator, and two small-group coordinators. Residents hail from 13 states and three non-U.S. countries.

  • Photo by Jordan Beauchamp, '12
    The first residence hall on campus to use an "angled" footprint, East's unique construction gives residents connectedness and privacy.

  • East is the first residence hall to have an indoor balcony.

  • Four outdoor patios provide areas for residents to study, hang out, and get a little fresh air. A large front patio is a first for Whitworth's residence halls, moving residents from their rooms to the outdoor benches.

  • The main staircase is open from the basement to the third floor, allowing a more cohesive feeling between the floors and the residents.

  • Two walls of windows from the first floor through the third floor give an open feeling to the side stairwells.

  • Heat tape on the roof is connected to two snow sensors that remove snow above entryways before it becomes a problem.

  • Heated stairs on the exterior mean that walks are less likely to be snow-covered or a slipping hazard.

  • Wide hallways mean that residents are more likely to hang out in the halls than to treat them as a means to an end.

  • Extra soundproofing materials and techniques are installed in the noisy areas of the building: elevator shaft, game room, vending machines, etc.

  • The music practice room is located in the basement to reduce noise; it has five walls instead of a simple, four-wall shape, which helps deaden sound.

  • Proximity-card building access affords students greater safety and flexibility than traditional keys.

  • Instead of the usual "Whitworth white," the interior of the building is painted in a palette of warm earthtones.

  • Photo by Jordan Beauchamp, '12

  • Fresh air from the outside is brought in, filtered through allergy-reducing filters, and then pumped into each residence room.

  • In East's bathrooms, changing areas provide residents more private areas in which to dress and undress as well as to hang towels, robes and clothing.

  • Due to its use of hundreds of best practices and new, creative designs and solutions, East Hall will be LEED-certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

  • In-floor radiant heating gives residents individual control of their heating and a more efficient option over traditional forced-air heat.

  • Dual-flush toilets waste less water than regular toilets and give residents more control of how efficient their building will be.

  • Dimmable lights in the lounges allow for almost infinite lighting options at a reduced cost over installing multiple lighting systems.

  • Low-VOC paint was used throughout the building, giving residents higher air quality than traditional paints.

  • All of the fabric on the lounge furniture is made from 100 percent recycled material.

  • Photo by Kirk Hirota.

East Hall info courtesy of Alan Jacob, associate director of housing

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