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Ahoy, Pirates!
Test your Whitworth science savvy if ye dare. . .

1. From 1890-1946, where were Whitworth science labs conducted?

  1. Dormitory basements

  2. Dining hall kitchen

  3. Men's/women's restrooms

2. What Spokane-area building did President Frank Warren purchase in 1947 and relocate to campus, to serve as Whitworth's first dedicated science facility?

  1. A Burlington Northern railway station

  2. A hay barn owned by Palouse wheat farmer Ole Olson

  3. A wing of Baxter General Hospital

3. In what year was Whitworth's current science building, the Eric Johnston Science Center, completed?

  1. 1966

  2. 1957

  3. 1978

4. How many science majors were there in 1967/how many are there in 2009?

  1. 48/279

  2. 92/600

  3. 75/450

5. As part of the 1998-99 Eric Johnston Science Center remodel, what item was removed that Geology Professor Ed Olson installed in 1962 to conduct carbon-dating research?

  1. A 4.3-ton section of petroleum pipeline from Colonial Pipeline Co.

  2. A 2.8-ton cement septic tank from the City of Spokane Solid Waste Management

  3. A 6.5-ton section of gun barrel from the WWII battleship USS Wisconsin

6. In three of the past six years, Whitworth students have been selected from among 1,100 top math, science and engineering students nationwide to receive prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships.



7. What objects have recent physics students launched skyward as part of their engineering-orientation and electricity and magnetism coursework?

  1. High-altitude balloons equipped with GPS receivers and radio equipment

  2. Pumpkins

  3. Chemical propulsion rockets

8. What percentage of Whitworth's pre-professional health studies students are accepted into medical, dental and veterinary schools?

  1. 91 percent

  2. Almost 100 percent

  3. 93 percent

To view timelines highlighting Whitworth's science story and notable science alums, and to learn about the university's exciting new science initiative, which includes the construction of a 60,000-square-foot biology/chemistry building, visit www.whitworth.edu/scienceinitiative.

Answers: 1. a; 2. c; 3. a; 4. b; 5. c; 6. T; 7. a,b; 8. b

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